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          Foshan Shunde SEAVY Electrical co., ltd (hereafter SEAVY), which is the kitchen appliancesdivision in XINGYUN Group, was founded in 2010 and is always willing to offer kitchen appliances with best quality to the customers.

          After the efforts of all the stuffs, SEAVY has become one of the leading kitchen appliancesmanufacturers in China. With 100,000m' workshop, 150 employees and 3 advanced range hood assembly lines, SEAVY has achieved the annual producing capacity of 400,000 PCS.

          As a new company, SEAVY deeply understands that stable quality is the fundamental of long-term development while new product is the power of long-term development. With the strict quality control system, SEAVY inspects very process, from components to finished products, so as to make sure the products are 100% qualified. What' s more, SEAVY has built up strategic cooperation with international industrial company. Every year, more than 5% of the sales turnover is invested to develop new products to meet the demand of the market.

          With the craftsman spirit, SEAVY will keep on offering high quality products to the customers in the coming future.

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